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Timber frame

The speed of erection, excellent thermal efficiency, air tightness and sound performance give it considerable advantage over traditional building methods. Financially, organisationally and environmentally, timber frame construction is the way forward!


  • Timber Frame techniques can reduce construction times by as much as one third
  • Construction need not stop in periods of rain, snow, frost etc
  • Timber Frame offers a lighter form of construction which can be of benefit to foundations especially when poor ground conditions prevail
  • More economically priced for higher thermal insulation compared to alternative construction methods
  • Timber Frame has no drying out period. No drying out cracks, common in wet construction
  • Wood is effectively a carbon-neutral material (even allowing for transport)
  • Timber Frame has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available building material
  • 0.8 tonne of CO2 is saved from the atmosphere for every cubic metre of wood used
  • Strength for strength, concrete uses 5 times (and steel uses 6 times) more energy to produce than timber
  • More suitable for following trades
  • Improved sound insulation.